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Dr. Siegal’s® History


Dr. Siegal’s® is committed to better health and quality of life through premium quality nutritional products.

The Dr. Siegal’s® brand was launched in 1975 by renowned physician, author, and obesity specialist Dr. Sanford Siegal. We’re a second-generation family brand that’s been trusted by health-conscious people for nearly a half century.

Now we’re part of Nutraforia, a nutrition and wellness company founded by Matthew Siegal.

Dr. Siegal was among the first physicians to write about the benefits of dietary fiber, the correlation between obesity and hypothyroidism, and controlling hunger naturally without medication. Dr. Siegal, his books, and his nutritional products have been profiled by countless media outlets including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Good Morning America.

Our Promises to You

  • We will never use an ingredient that is
    known to be unsafe
  • We will use only premium quality ingredients
  • We will never make false, misleading,
    or exaggerated claims
  • We will be completely transparent regarding
    every ingredient in every product we sell