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What is It?*

Source Type: Mineral


  • Naturally found in some animal sources (beef liver, milk, cheese)
  • Naturally found in some plant sources (legumes, cereal grains, whole grains, nuts, leafy vegetables)
  • Naturally found in soil and water

Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral that is found in small quantities in the body, mainly in the bones, liver, and kidneys. It helps break down proteins, alcohol, drugs, sulfites, and toxins.


Molybdenum is beneficial for eliminating toxins from the body, as well as detoxification of sulfites.


It is well-understood that molybdenum plays an essential role as a cofactor for various enzymes involved in detoxification. Molybdenum is needed to metabolize sulfites, drugs, alcohol, and other toxins.


High intakes of molybdenum can cause achy joints, gout-like symptoms, and elevated levels of uric acid. Additionally, excessive intake can interfere with the absorption of copper, potentially leading to copper deficiency.